Danial Naqvi

Daniel NaqviResearch Project title: Integrating Urban Sustainability and Digital Platforms?

Aim of the project:

  • To review global academic debates about urban sustainability and develop overviews of sustainability strategies in Greater Manchester and Greater Melbourne
  • To review global academic debates about smart cities and urban platforms and develop socio-technical analysis of overall urban platform ecosystems in Greater Manchester and Greater Melbourne;
  • To conduct in-depth case studies of the role and processes of integrating urban platform innovation and urban sustainability strategies in Greater Manchester and Greater Melbourne;
  • To build comparative understanding of how/whether digital platforms are integrated with existing urban sustainability strategies.

Project description:
This PhD project asks the research question: Are urban platforms a threat or a complement to urban sustainability strategies? Its focus is at the interface of innovation studies and urban studies. To answer this question, the PhD will investigate different place-based strategic responses to the twin challenges of urban sustainability and urban digital platforms.

What did you do before you started your PhD?
I completed a Science, Technology and Society from University College London and a BA (Hons) in Human Geography from Queen Mary, University of London.

What are the challenges of your research role? 
Managing the expectations of two respected academic institutions while navigating how best to approach designing and administering the research across two different and international contexts.

What is the best part of your research role? 
Diving headfirst into a field that is constantly evolving and will have a tremendous impact in the future of cities.

Where do you wish to go after your PhD? Do you want to enter industry or continue doing more research?
I like to keep my options open. While more research would be a worthy challenge, I believe my research has industry and government value, so I’d be excited to apply my learnings there too.