Juan Reyna Monrreal

Research Project Title: Material politics, urban nature and residential neighbourhood design in the Global South: How architecture can rupture and repair the native, historical, and cultural landscapes of modern Mexico.

Research Project Summary: The research project looks into the material and construction culture of post-industrial Mexico and its ecological impact as evidenced by uncontrolled urban sprawl, the imitation of North American suburbia, and the perception of a “technological progress” at odds with the socio-environmental realities
of the region.

Graduate Researcher Profile:

I am an architect (BArch’10 with Distinction, Tec de Monterrey) and a landscape architect (MLA’14 with Distinction, Harvard GSD) with a keen interest in the interaction between the natural landscape, society, and urban processes. For the last few years I have been working in the United States and then Mexico as a landscape designer, and also as a professor of history of architecture, architecture design studio, and landscape architecture design studio.

Project Duration: 3.5 years

Supervisors: Dr Amy Hahs (University of Melbourne), Dr Leandro Minuchin (University of Manchester), Dr Sara Barron (University of Melbourne)

Home University: The University of Melbourne
Partner University: The University of Manchester