A. Siluvai Antony Selvan

Research Project Title:  Microscale fluid dynamics around coral surfaces

Research Project Summary: The project explores the ciliary motion in the coral conservation and nutrient transport. The problem will be studied by integrating mathematical modeling, lap-on chip experiment, image processing and numerical simulations. The mechanistic framework will be developed for analyzing the nutrient transport and chemotaxis near the coral surface. This has huge ecological consequences and results in the coral conservation in the deep water.

Graduate Researcher Profile:

I did my bachelor’s degree in integrated applied courses (Physics, Mathematics and Electronics). Recently, I have completed postgraduate degree in mathematics in 2019. Previously, I have done my research in theoretical Ocean engineering deep-water and offshore applications. My previous research experiences and pursuit of exploring lead me to take the research degree.

Project Duration: 4-years (2020-2024)


Home University:  The University of Melbourne: – Dr. Douglas R. Brumley, Prof. John E Sader and Prof. Linda Louise Blackall.

Partner University:  The University of Manchester: – Prof. Peter Duck and Dr. Draga Pihler-Puzović.