Integrating Urban Sustainability and Digital Platforms?

The project focuses on comparing strategic urban responses and implications in Greater Manchester and Greater Melbourne.

The research is at the interface of urban studies and innovation studies that synthesises two debates: first, debates around visions of future sustainable cities and how these are incorporated in to urban strategies and policy; and second, the emergence of digital platforms as a new business model and their intervention into systems of provision at urban scale.

The project aims to develop rich contextual understanding of how digital platforms contribute to rethinking what is meant by urban sustainability. It will undertake comparative research on this issue across two urban contexts (Greater Manchester and Greater Melbourne). This will be done via in-depth case studies, reliant on qualitative data, including that drawn from documentary analysis and key informant interviews.

Prof Brendan Gleeson, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, The University of Melbourne (Sustainable Consumption Institute)

Dr Mike Hodson and Prof Andrew McMeekin at the University of Manchester (IMP Division of the Alliance Manchester Business School)