Sea-level rise and everyday lives in small island states

This doctoral project will focus on strategies of ‘fortification, accommodation and retreat’ in response to sea-level rise in small island states. The doctoral candidate will be part of a research team working on an Australian Research Council Discovery Project, titled “Sea-level rise and everyday lives in small island states”. The project aims to advance understanding of the impacts of sea-level rise, other climate impacts and associated policy responses on the everyday lives of low-lying island communities. It focuses particularly on accommodation, relocation, fortification and protection in Fiji and in the Maldives. It will use innovative qualitative and visual methods to analyse people’s everyday experiences and practices. The project aims to produce findings of significance for countries facing the threat of sea-level rise, and national governments and international agencies that support and fund climate adaptation.

The research team includes Dr Celia McMichael (University of Melbourne), Dr Karen McNamara (University of Queensland), Prof Uma Kothari (University of Manchester), and Dr Alex Arnall (University of Reading, UK).



The University of Melbourne: Celia McMichael.

University of Manchester: Uma Kothari.